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Never lick another envelope. Allegra has your mail service needs covered.

It’s In the Mail (Service)

Direct mail is a powerful way to grow your sales. And, now you can plan and manage your direct mail campaigns with ease, using a one-stop provider who can handle it all for you.

Get your next direct mail campaign into the mail stream faster and into the right hands with:

Certified Mail Marketer

CMM The Alliance University Certified Mail Marketer designation is your assurance that that you’re dealing with mail marketing professionals. The experts at Allegra have successfully mastered the latest Canada Post research, programs and tools to ensure that your partnership with Allegra results in your marketing success.

Putting all the Pieces Together

Allegra is your one-stop-provider for mailing services from initial mailer design and copywriting, printing, list fulfillment right on through to the actual mailing of your campaign. Look to us to handle all the details that make up a successful campaign.

Let’s get this going! Request a consultation on your mailing strategy.